We are a technology-driven company. Our products are the perfect output of innovative and cutting-edge manufacturing processes and tools licensed from world’s leading technology companies.


Gulf Stone Co. holds technology from M/s Breton SpA, Italy, a highly acclaimed and one of the world’s largest global Stone Processing Machine manufacturers.



We takes a special pleasure in calling your attention as the PIONEER in GCC region, to have setup facility for manufacturing quartz based engineered stones.

Our production unit is located at Sohar, the second most industrially developed city in the Sultanate of Oman which is approximately 200km away from Muscat. It is only 150km away from the vital commercial hub of GCC region i.e Dubai.

The technology is exclusive and is from M/s. Breton s.p.a of Italy and product can be defined as a high density material as it is made of granules of high grade quartz/silica (91-93%) blended with engineered polyester resin, an organic compound as a binding agent. The sustainable aesthetic appeal of the GULF STONE ENGINEERED QUARTZ are linked to the colouring giving by organic pigments which can be added to the bounding agent in order to create non-naturally occurring ranges of colours with a palate of rich shades. The wide dimensional range, the numberless chromatic possibilities, the outstanding technical characteristics and addition of heterogeneous material such as mirror makes our product for omni purpose uses and fitted well innumerable decorative possibilities.